Monday, August 27, 2007

In Lieu of a Dog

I have blogged previously about how Harriet enjoys liberating balloons. That hasn't changed, but now she's switching her attentions to other items in the household. Today she informed me that she was taking the heater for a walk. Sure, I could handle that, I'm a hip and with it kinda mama surely (yeah yeah, stop laughing!).

What I didn't realise was that the walk would go to the back door...

...back into the lounge room... (note the intense concentration)

...turn around in the lounge room to do a lap of the coffee table...

...and then out on to the street!

Yes, that is Harriet out on the footpath of our street pushing our little heater along. And this girl had a purpose too. Not too sure what it was myself but we had to go in a specific direction and she had to push and I had to pull the cord (hence the rather boring POV in the photos since I was pulling a power cord at the time).

Here Harry is inspecting the status of the castors and the direction that the walk is taking us all in. She was busy making some important decisions about the future of the heater.

But before that could occur we needed a little song break. SO we stopped to sing two rounds of Twinkle, Twinkle (which she now actually sings rather than just says).

Then we both got distracted by the awesome rocks to be found at the base of the tree we had stopped at to sing. Harry's latest favourite activity is to collect rocks. Here we managed to collect rocks for Jedda (because she's sick Harriet keeps getting things "for Jedda"), Poppy, Papa, and then Harriet started talking about "the lady". Not knowing who this strange lady was, I went with the flow...

...and realised she meant the ephemeral "shop lady". Harriet proceeded to 'pay the lady' by laying out very carefully all of the rocks she had collected in her bag, along with a random 10c coin she found in there as well.

This is what the lady received for her troubles.

Then it was back to work. I think it was about this time that we received a joyful 'toot' from some council workers driving a truck down our street. Harry gave them a dutiful wave and then was back at it.

You can see just how far we ended up from our house (if you know where we areoff course!). Our house is just over the rise you can see in the background of this shot.

Then we made it home quick smart because Harry decided that walking the heater wasn't fun anymore and the sun was too much and the rocks were banging against her legs and she didn't want to walk and Mama carry and and and andandand...

So Mama ended up carrying Harry under one arm and the heater under another back up the footpath to our house. When we got inside Harriet had a little lie down on her bed and then walked into the playroom, opened up the folding doors and closed them back around herself as you can see here. Don't ask me man, I'm just a visitor in her reality. It's a pretty fun ride though.

So next time your toddler suggests taking the heater for a walk don't say an automatic "No", just see where the flow takes you.

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Anonymous said...

hee hee hee, I love it!

Jo said...

OMG how cute is she! She should come walk Shae, this is about the extent of "walking" that he enjoys, try to go much further and he insists on being carried or getting in the pram.

Tasha said...

LMAO It's moments like these that I love being a mother! Precious moments of silliness and fun are what life really is about!

Clair said...

PMSL hilarious!!! Love it....that little story made my night...she is so super cute..