Friday, April 27, 2007


Nothing really much to say except that I took some cute photos of Harry today and wanted to show them off. However for some reason they've come out quite out of focus on this upload, don't know what that is about.

This first photo just tugs at my heart. She is SO sweet! This is her just about to give me her 'love squeeze', although I must admit to being a little hesitant given the huge amount of tomato everywhere.

And here is a nice close up of the tomato in question. Papa Jimbo had grilled some tomatoes for her (with ample amounts of pepper, just the way she likes them) and Harry had one up at the cafe with Kristie and Tara and then another one as we sat just outside the car. Kristie - it took me another HOUR before I got to the car from when I left you!

Doing some posing against the walls was one of our stops, and when she looked this adorable it was a bit mean to stop her really.

But just yesterday on our way back from the Montessori school Harriet decided to do some yoga in the middle of the street. This was on the corner of Cleveland and Bourke Sts. You know, she likes to keep it nice and low key. Her sign for yoga (she says it but she also does a sign for it cos she just lvoes doing the sign I think) is to smack her hands together in prayer position and do a big nasal intake of breath. So cute! She gets a few looks doing her yoga too. So far she has dropped down and done the dog position in the Galleries Victoria in the city, here in Surry Hills, King St Newtown and of course in our very own back room along with me.

Oooh, and in other news we have received some tadpoles from Darren. It's very exciting. Harry hasn't seen them yet because they came home after her bedtime (along with her Papa) but we've been having fun watching them anyway. We're off tomorrow to get a nice container for them to live in and hopefully metamorphose in as well!


Kristie said...

Tara and I went shopping all up King Street, and then she flaked it in the ergo and slept for ages...

I did *more* wedding shopping LOL

I want to upload the pics I took the other day at coffee... Maybe I should just get them printed off the card LOL..

Alison said...

Your photos of Miss Harry are gorgeous.

casso said...

Thanks Alison - it's very easy when you have such a gorgeous subject! :o)