Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Harriet Logic

Insights into toddler logic:

1.) Tonight we had Scott over with his dog Chip. Amongst other things, the excited Chip was asked to "Sit!" by Scott. Chip obliged and Harriet finally built up the courage to give him a pat. About an hour later we were in the loungeroom doing the bedtime routine with books and pyjamas, when Smellie jumped on the arm of the lounge chair. Harry desperately wants to pat Smellie but she (understandably) is terrified of Harriet. So tonight Harriet commanded Smellie to "Sit". Bizarrely enough Smellie did, in fact, curl up on the arm of the lounge. Harry even got a small pat of her rump. But when she made for more, Smell-smell bolted out of there.

2.) Yesterday it was raining in the morning. James was outside with Harry near her trike. She really really wanted to go for a ride on her trike but James told her she couldn't because she would get her clothes wet. I was inside and didn't know any of this. About five minutes later she came inside and asked me to take off her top....then her pants...then her nappy! She was so insistent that I twigged when we were taking off her pants.

There was something else she said that I can't remember
...ooohh but it's bugging me! I should really start writing these things down (errmm, I mean not in here) so that I remember.

She also has worked out personal pronouns - yay!! For a week now she has been referring to herself as "You". Cute but not quite accurate. Then yesterday, when we were out at the Museum with Tilda and Gwen we were standing around eating an apple when she referred to herself as "Me". I couldn't believe it! And it happened again today, so it looks like she's got that under her belt.

As mentioned earlier we went to the new Kidspace area in the Museum and it was great! Harry and the two other girls played in there for hours and hours and had an absolute ball. My only complaint? The ambient lighting wasn't great for photographs. I mean if they're setting up a space where children are going to look adorable, they really need to be thinking about photo-crazed parents here as well. But Harriet was so tired that on the way walking up to meet Papa at his work in order to ride the train home together, I mentioned to Harry that she might want to put her head on my shoulder. Within less than a minute (I'm not exagegrating!) she had completely passed out! She stayed like this as a 14kg deadweight on me for the walk to Papa Jimbo's work, down into Town Hall station, waiting on the platform, boarding the train and the loudspeaker announcements, riding the train in peak hour, getting off and then walking all the way home. I then put her down in her bed and she slept the whole night - essentially sleeping from 5pm to 7am!
Ok I'm off to sleep myself but I'll keep you posted on any more Harriet Logic as it occurs.


Sif said...

Oooh, the photo with the magnifying glass is cuuute! Bryn got a hold of his Nanna and Pa's collection of five different sized ones (one was as big as his face) and walked around all afternoon with his squished up against his nose, like Harry in that pic, too cute!

Toddler logic is strange, eh? When Bryn wants to go out with any of us he sees going out, he finds a hat, any hat, and puts it on. This is because we insist on hats before going out the door. Often he's wearing nothing but a nappy, a tshirt and a hat, waiting at the front door to go out... Thing is, THE MOMENT we get out, he flings the hat onto the ground - the hat is ONLY for getting out the door, apparently...

casso said...

I like his reasoning...have hat on, will *get* outside. Am outside, hat trick worked, no longer need to endure the charade of interest. :o) Smart kid. ;o)