Saturday, April 14, 2007

Balloon Liberation Fighters Unite

Just a little storyboard I did up from our trip to Maitland over Easter. I saved it as quite small since it is HUMUNGOUS!
Well the big news in our house is that Harry is totally rashed up. She started showing signs of an allergic reaction on Easter Monday and it got progressively worse all week. At one stage I was worried it was chicken pox and since we had visited a friend in hospital thought it wise to have it checked out by a doctor who pronounced it 'viral'. Well it's not acting like a virus and on Saturday we went to the pharmacist to get some antihistamines and after sitting down with the pharmacist for about five minutes we tracked down the culprit. Uhhmmm... didn't I go to a doctor? Who just looked at it and pronounced it viral and wiped their hands clean? *sigh* It was nice to dicuss it with someone who could bother spending some time with you.
Anyway the poor child is covered from head to toe and everywher ein between by a histamine explosion. Her skin feels like a lizard skin, her drool pool area (just below her chin on her chest) is a disaster zone since she is also teething (Yes, again I hear you exclaim) and the drool makes it scratch like crazy. All over her face the rash is like a horrible bumpy facial scrub. However she is absolutely fine. If anything she is more than fine.

The past week has been so awesome and so horrid. Awesome in that Harry has been obviously going through a developmental milestone and possibly a growth spurt as well. I measured and weighed her today and she is definitely over 90cms but I'm not sure exactly and about 14kgs. But each day is a new adventure in the verbal wilderness. Not only does she say more words but she explains more and discusses more (ie: she won't shut up! it's great, really). Tonight she was in teh car with papa Jimbo and said very clearly "I want Nana". So cute! (Thought you might like that one Jan)

She's also coming out with some classic stuff. We were reading books before bed and James asked her "Where is the Green Sheep?" as in "Would you like to read the book 'Where is the Green Sheep?' ". However Harriet just heard the first question, picked up the book, showed it to James and said "Shhhhh" and did the sign for sleeping. And yes, all the parents out there are laughing. But for those who don't know, well at the end of the book you find that the green sheep is actually asleep. So why bother reading it? Harry just let us know straight up what the deal was with that sheep.
On the topic of books we got this book out of the library about a pig and a chicken who are friends and play with a balloon. The balloon flies away but they remain friends (it was the chicken's fault !). Harry lurves this book, mainly because when we were at a boat festival over Easter we had a balloon tied around her wrist but she pulled it off and it went flying away. This made the whole day incredibly tragic thereafter. In fact we were still talking about the balloon a week later, which is where the book comes in. After reading the book, Harry received a balloon from a local bakery. We went outside with it firmly tied around her wrist. But she kept protesting that she wanted it off her wrist and for it to fly away like in her book. We explained carefulyl that if we did that she couldn't get the balloon back. She persisted so we took the balloon off her wrist and let it float away. She was ecstatic! It really and truly was just what she was after! Harriet Dora - fighting for balloon freedom everywhere.

Ok, now on to more proud parent moments. I was playing with her in the playroom with the mirror which still has its cardboard casing around it (long story). Anyway, Harriet suddenyl just pointed out the letter 's' and said "sssss". I then said to her "Where is the 'd'? and of course sh epointed it out first thing. She did it for s, d, h, e, a, o, c and h. Not too sure what "Do Chase" means but she could spell it out in a spellathon.

And as for comprehension this one totally floored me last night. I was drawing her bath and she likes to stand on the side and play with the water gushing from the tap as it runs. She called me in to the bathroom and I asked what was wrong. She drew her hand out from under the water and said "Cold. More hot. Warm." As in 'it's too cold, and needs more hot to make it warm". I was so shocked! I guess I'll be getting much more used to things like that coming from her in the upcoming weeks but it's still a great novelty to hear them at the moment.
Today was a very difficult day. There was no day sleep. None. Combined with a week long issue of midnight wakings that involve getting up and playing and I think I'm beginning to see the end of my day sleep freedoms. *insert sobbing face here* That's ok. Tonight the upside was that she crashed within five minutes of putting her down for bed.

And as for the weekend, well nothing much happened. Except that we went for a walk down to a festival on the river on Sunday and I saw Darren Hanlon. *swoon* Ah hem. Yes, this blog is about Harriet. Which is why I insisted that she be in the photo too. I love her look, it's as if to say "Who the hell are you?". Ah yes, don't comment on how I look, it's a total shocker shot of me after a week of sleep deprivation.
And that Superman tshirt is now her new firm favourite. Her Grandpa and Nana gave it to her but Grandpa actually handed it over. So if you ask her who gave her the shirt she always says "Grandpa". And she leans over, looks down at the logo and says clear as day "Supergirl". Seriously, where did she learn that? She said it when we she received the shirt! But I had to hang it on the line inside out so that it could actually stay up and dry out today. So expect to see this shirt in most photos of Harry for the next week or two.


Sif said...

Wow! Talk about development overdrive! It's amazing when they start expressing all that stuff that has been brewing in their heads in the preceeding months, and you start to understand just how much they've been observing and soaking up EVERYTHING!

I love how she processed the loss of her balloon and then came to own the decision to let it go, that's fabulous!!! Such a life lesson there, one that will serve her well!

Just on the night waking... Luey did the waking in the middle of the night and wanting to get up to play thing. I went with it at the time... I ended up SERIOUSLY sleep deprived (well, because he went to bed at 11pm, I went to bed at 12am, he woke at 1am to play (I took him out of the bedroom so Dave could get more sleep), and went back to bed at 4-5am, and then I had to get up for the day - to mother Erik - at 6am, so was getting an average of 2-3 broken hours a night for six months). In the end, I ended up night weaning him at 23.5 months. In hindsight, I wished I'd just told him I needed to sleep, and stayed in bed, letting him play in the dark if he needed to but not getting up. Now, your situation might be totally different (I don't know anything about it, except what you've said here), but I thought I'd just tell you what happened with me and Luey when we started waking in the middle of the night to play. Luey also wasn't having day sleeps (hadn't had them since about 6 months), but oddly enough started having them around 2.5 again, and even now at nearly 6 can take a nap in the middle of the day...

casso said...

Thanks for that Sif, I really love hearing about people who have been in a similar situation. Just yesterday I was saying at my AP group that I am thinking of starting night weaning because I just can't keep up with the sleep deprivation. Then (of course) last night she slept the best she ever has (bar one freaky night when she was about 8mths).

I have been waiting until she was old enough to discuss with her why we're not having night boobie any more and I think given her latest rush of brain growth that the time might be right. I am going to do the old 'the boobies are sleeping' thing which I've heard can work quite well. Just this morning the dying helium balloons were described to her as 'tired' and she asked if they wanted to go for a sleep! :o) So I think she's ready. I might wait tuntil the rash goes though so that she has access for comfort if she needs it.

Plus she doesn't have that big a play at night as Luey did - wow, he must have really been going through some brain changes! She'll only wake for about an hour of play and then crash again, but it's enough to throw you around considering she wakes every two hours on top of that.