Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well we may both be crazy, but yesterday I was sure that Harriet said "I need booby" (or "Uh Nee Brrrooo"); something about the way she phrased it and the manner in which she spoke just made it sound like a true sentence. No, I thought, I'm just imagining it. But then today she did it again! She was walking around with us trying to find her bubble mix pot and both Jimbo and I were scurrying around on the floor trying to see where it landed, when she piped up with, clear as day, "Uh Nee Booo" ("I need bubbles" in Hazspeak). There was the correct amount of quiet between the words, she was speaking about a topic we were currently engaged in and seemed to understand completely what she was saying. So we're waiting to see when it happens again (although of course by writing about it in here I have guaranteed that it won't happen for a while).

Today was definitely a speech day anyway (and not the boring kind you have to endure when you're in high school). Harry was repeating nearly every word we were saying ("Would you like some roll Harry?" "Rrrrroooohhh?" "Yes, roll. Would you like a bite?" "Buh?" "Yes, bite." *chomp*). As is evident by the photo, she is also going through a big mango phase. Let's hope it doesn't continue into winter, as it's already a slightly expensive culinary preference in summer. But she does enjoy them so much! In the above photo she is sucking on the mango pip, a favourite experience.

And in more exciting news, yesterday Harry's new bed arrived! She is now the very proud owner of a double mattress that is on the floor of her room. Montessori theory believes that a child having a floor bed has fewer issues with going to bed than children placed in other types of beds - you can read more about it here: as well as just being a generally nice idea to be able to get out of your own bed! And it's a double mattress because, of course, I'm still co-sleeping with her. And she loves it! When it arrived she started rolling all over it and putting all of her toys to sleep on there (and not in the vet sense of the word). Then Papa and Mama had a roll around on it too which was lots of fun, having all three of us being silly sausages on the mattress all at once!

This morning we investigated local pool options. Now that our usual pool is a little bit further to travel than we'd like for the odd dip, it was time to go out and do the rounds of our local swimming holes. We gave Col Jones a wide berth after reading on a website that its facilities were 'disgusting', and made our first stop at Enmore Pool. Well it was pretty good but the pool was quite cool (mind you it was freezing today). We stayed there for nearly an hour and as we were leaving we noticed a cafe opening its doors across the road on the other side of the park. We went over to warm our toes but little did we realise that disaster lay ahead! Within about ten minutes Harriet had smashed her babycino glass into smithereens on the floor below the table (no surprise when you look at her no-hands action in this photo), covered the spotless white cushion on her chair in babycino milk/choc sprinkles and mashed through my banana bread with a spoon. It was definitely an unfortunate series of events (as the books say) but Harry was still happy and that was what mattered. The women in the cafe were fine about it as well which was good for us.
Well that's a quick wrap up from the weekend. Just a short one for today to satisfy those of you who read the blog at the start of the working week.


susieq78 said...

Just wanted to let you know I read your blog often. I love finding out the next update on Harriet.
I have a nearly 2 year old son and Harriet really reminds me of him. They both have that really lovely happy from the heart grin. They get up to a lot of the same stuff too.
Just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog.

casso said...

Thanks Susie! Wow, I had no idea people would hang around to read these ramblings, so thanks again. I love those big grins, they really can make your day (especially after a difficult one). My favourite is when she giggles and giggles and just can't stop. It then makes me giggle, which sets her off again and those are the moments I just lovelovelove. :o)

Cheers, Cass