Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to 2007

We've been a bit slack this week with posts, so apologies for that. Having Papa Jimbo home should, in theory, make for more time but in practice makes for much less! We've been out socialising and flitting around generally over the past few days having a grand old time. Harriet has been enjoying quite a few babycinos as Mama and Papa get back into the swing of going out for good coffee in cafes. In this shot Harriet was enjoying being out for lunch with Georgia and Nathan. I think she enjoyed speeding up and down the pavement more than sitting down drinking the babycino though (they're just frothed milk for those who don't know).

2007 started off in a very peaceful manner. We headed out to Rach and Paul's dad's house in Wahroonga but it felt like it was in the middle of the bush. In fact we even saw a wild bush turkey waddle past (and not the woman James saw). Mama had been out having an awesome night the night before so was quite happy for the quiet natural surroundings. Harry had quite a few things to capture her attention.
One of those was definitely Rachel! She loves her, to the point where I have to make sure that Rach is ok with being pulled by the hand everywhere since she doesn't get much chance to say no! Here Harry's playing the 'cup on the head' game which was awesome fun. Naomi got some video of her playing with Rach and giggling away. There wasn't even any respite when she went to the toilet, Harriet started leading me by the hand all around the house in search of her!

When the fruit platter came out, well, lord help you if you wanted any rockmelon. Miss H devoured two big slices in absolutely record time and along with some bbqed mushroom, mango, bread and tomato, made sure all foods were remembered by leaving some behind on her top. Who knows, maybe she sucks the flavour out when we're not looking. It wouldn't surprise me.

One of her foci was Toby the Shorn Wonderdog. Here he's modelling Harriet's pork pie hat with aplomb. Harriet was desperate to pat him, and was standing over him a number of times doing her squeezing love face (which I also do) but not actually touching him. Finally, after a couple of hours, she leant down and patted his paw. She didn't seem scared of him per se, just a bit overwhelmed at there being another furbrother but one that was about three times the size of Squeezmo!

All in all a relaxing start to the new year. But we have news of three engagements! So big congratulations are in order to: Chris and Lisa, Kristy Jane and Nick, and belated congrats to Rebecca and Michael. There are also less whispers, more like bellowing shouts, of wedding plans for Naomi and Paul, but until it's all been official, well, they're just going to be 'friends'. HAHAHAHA!!! Which of course no-one believes!

Hope that your own new year started as beautifully as ours did.

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