Thursday, January 25, 2007

Harriet - Socialite

Apologies for the dealy in writing the blog. We've been doing a few things, amongst them buying a house, so our time has been limited. Harry, as always however, has been taking it completely in her stride.

We went to the pool as always on Monday and met up with Matilda and her Mama. It's very exciting because it's Matilda's first birthday this weekend - yay! For some reason the toddler pool wasn't heated on this particular Monday though and Harry had to be prised from the side of the pool, despite the discrepancy between her blue lips and protestations.

This photo really doesn't look like Miss Harriet Dora. Her eyes look a little freaky or something. But it was taken in her favourite park, which we've just found out is the starting point for the new Google aeroplane on Australia Day, so we're planning a trip down there to ensure we get photographed. That's because we're sad and have no life.

In the interest of being sad and having no life, Harry here is laughing her head off at some people doing their exercises with their personal trainer in the park. Honestly she was just transfixed - we had to describe the situation for her - "Yes, they're doing exercises. Do you want to do exercises? Up and down with your arms". We'd start moving her arms like the people were doing with weights and she'd find that hilarious.

Harry is also enjoying a few other things this week, including, has to be said. Yes, she is finally enjoying her vagina. In fact she likes to have a good ole look there every now and then, as well as ask where Mama's vagina is and then where Papa's vagina is. The latter can cause a longer pause than may be considered normal for a toddler, but hey, it's a difficult question to field on the hop. I have a few photos but, let's face it, they're probably not entirely appropriate on a public website such as this.

The other thing Harriet is really enjoying at the moment is signing. One of her favourite games is to get us to list all of the signs she knows in a row. "What's the sign for...x?" is met with a huge grin and the appropriate sign. We're going to buy her a big signing wall chart so we can communicate with her more, because she so obviously understands absolutely everything we're saying but can't make the words herself (gee but that must be annoying). So she's become the signing queen.

With the weather being really warm lately the afternoons have found us frolicking down by the beach. Unfortunately Harry's sleep pattern hasn't always coincided with what we'd like to be doing in our pm timeframe, but one day we managed to make it down to Coogee with time for dinner, a lot of bubble blowing, some playing in the sand and even a paddle in the (freezing) water. Harry didn't even seem to notice that the water was cold enough to melt even John Howard's heart, she was being lifted up out of the incoming waves one-armed by her Papa, much against her will. Meanwhile I was shivering like a baby on the sand where I could at least feel my toes. Crazy child.

Also her favourite foods at the moment are: Lebanese cucmber, red capsicum, natural yoghurt and green beans. The other thing she will ask 'More! More!" for is straight frozen peas, direct from the freezer. Thank you D-C household for the tip, she can't get enough of them! Favourite games include an absolutely incessant need to sing "Nana is here today (x3) / Let's all splash!". She then will change the name of who is being sung about, with the usual order going somethng like this: Nana (at least three times), Grandpa, Ruby, Rory, then she does the sign for sleep which means Xavier (Rory's baby who was asleep last time Harriet saw him), then Georgia. I can tell you now, I will be VERY relieved when this particular phase is over. Car trips have been reduced to me singing the same inane song over and over again.

Oh and did I mention we bought a house? This is it! We're getting the interior painted and some floating floorboards installed before we move in, so it's a few weeks away yet, but we actually settled today. We also chose the paint colours this afternoon - and, well, yes, I may just have chosen one or two colours based purely on their potential for photos. Don't judge me people!


Crazy Mumma said...

Wow, your house is almost as cute as Harriet :-) Love it! And Hazza of course, when isn't she adorable? ;-)

Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

Wow so much to comment on. LMAO at Harry's new obsession! and also thankful that Angel's is still obsessed with belly's ;).

Read your comment on our blog, don't be silly about apologising for not commenting much. I can totally understand you being super busy.

Congratulations on settling the house as well :D . LOL at your colour choices being based on photography, well why not I say ;).

Mwah to you all!

Sif said...

Oh, my fave pic is the last one of Miss Harriet! What a pose! Hey, the sign she is signing with her hand in her mouth, that wouldn't be for food, would it? Bryn did that sign last week for the first time, and we did exactly what you described, "Is that sign for food?" and he laughed and clapped, like, "Yay! You got it!"

LOVE the house, lovely!