Saturday, December 02, 2006

Roses aren't as Gorgeous as Harriet

Well, after I mentioned them in my previous post, I had to give some blogtime to the beautiful roses. So here they are! Honestly they are so gorgeous, I even went out and bought a new vase specifically for them because I wasn't going to cut these stems (they are L-O-O-O-N-G).

Now there is just something about this photo that really captures just what Miss Harriet is like on a normal day. On this particular day we had Promite stains, miscellaneous fruit stains, cradling something (usually it's a doll or toy but on this occasion it's her bottle with some diluted milk in it) and, of course, my underwear around her neck. In this shot they do look particularly like a superhero cape. What would Harriet's superpower be? A screech that could shatter glass? An ability to turn a room from organised to chaos in milliseconds? A factor of cuteness that out-cutes all the other cute stuff on the cutest day of a cute year in Cutetown?

We went into North Sydney to meet Papa Jimbo in order to go and sign the documents for the sale of the house. Harriet is here on the grass outside the train station, unbeknown to her about to see Papa Jimbo. When she saw him walking out ofthat train station...aah, it was priceless! She couldn't contain her grin! She also went speeding up to him for love which then quickly turned to dismay when she realised it was another trip back into the car.

To make up for all that travelling earlier in the day, that afternoon Harriet and I went to her favourite place - the fountain at Centennial Park. It was quite a warm day and I had my hat on - as you can see, it didn't last too long on my head. Things are, apparently, so much more fun and fascinating once they are soaking wet. My hat got a dunking and Harry wasn't leanig towards the dry side of life herself. You can kind of make out in this photo just how wet her t-shirt is by being able to see her shorts through the bottom part of the shirt. She was *saturated*. And boy oh boy was she loving it! Now when we head out to the fountain I'm so much better prepared than I used to be. We take two cups for pouring water (one is for any other child who decides that it looks like a great idea and doesn't have one of their own), a towel to dry her off with, a complete change of clothes (including nappy), lots of sunscreen and some snacks (because when you play this hard, you need to refuel).

Check out the expression here. Hilarious! Who on earth knows what she was thinking. What's kind of scary is that my hat (I am Ms Boofhead herself) actually sits on Harriet's head without completely falling over her eyes. I have a feeling she's not going to be fitting into the petite section of headwear.

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Sif said...

Aw, she's so gorgeous, yes, even more so than the roses... There is something about her that reminds me of Bryn, don't know what though, LOL - maybe just that she is gorgeous and makes me smile :D... LOL, I have the matching singlet to that "supercape"...qDR!DXR1xdR (that's Bryn adding his little bit)