Saturday, December 30, 2006

Boxing Day

So, I finally get a chance to come back on here and do our Boxing Day update. Have been busy playing with photos and almost forgot to come on and do the blog!

Well Nana and Grandpa answered the early call that Harry was going to be up for visitors with remarkable ease. They jumped in the car and came driving down . And do you think Harry was a little excited about it? Do you? Um, I think the yelling, excited running and grabbing of Nana may have killed the mysterious aloof persona Harriet's been aiming for.

And they came loaded with bounty for all! Harriet received the spunkiest little pink chairs plus outdoor table (replete with 'harriet' stickers on the side, tres cool). Not only that, she also got her own multicoloured outdoor umbrella! Now if there's one thing Harry loves, it's an umbrella. In fact Papa bought her her own one so that we could get her used to playing with one her own size rather than the monster golf umbrella she used to play with. So imagine her delight when she realised there was her own umbrella in its own spunky durable bag (made with impressive skill by Nana)! What was even more incredible than all of this was that she was able to go for a two hour sleep whilst they were both here - will wonders ever cease?

We all enjoyed a bbq out the back and Harriet enjoyed some time sitting with Nana and then Grandpa came down to sit with her at the new table. Here she's giving Grandpa a high five across the table. She was loving all the attention and life just got even better when we all decided to go to the pool! Harriet's favoutire place in the world!

Just had to post this photo of Mike enjoying the yummiest pumpkin pie ever. It went down a treat Jennie, thank you so much!

So we all drove to the pool and Harry was almost beside herself with all frou of us in the pool to play with. Grandpa had her doing standing jumps into the pool by the end of it although there was a period where all she wanted to do was play with someone else's ball. There were a few tears over that (read: major cracking moment) but Papa distracted her with some throwing in the air which always gets a good baby going.

All in all a wonderful, wonderful day. We were all sorry to see Grandpa and Nana drive home, but we hope to see them again soon.

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