Monday, November 13, 2006

Food, Butts and Beaches

Here's the hat/butt photo! I got a little confused, it's not the one with the stethescope (obviously) but I've included that one too cos you get a good idea of the hat in that one.

Well we've had a *very* rocky road this week. Harry has been teething and this was the worst yet - so much drool that she had completely soaked through a top within 30mins of being awake the other day. No day sleeps at all, taking over an hour to put to sleep at night and a total velcro baby during the day - not even buttering toast was allowed to be done with two hands. Mama Cass had a bit of a breakdown on Wednesday night and as if on cue the next morning, Harry had turned her corner and started to smile again! It's as if she knows *just* how much she can dish out to me and then pulls back from the edge. Thanks Harry! Now just sleep well at night and all will be good.

Jam sandwich? What jam sandwich? Couldn't get her to look at the camera because she was way too intent on reading her books. Apparently ther eis a direct relationship between how interesting books are and how much jam you have on your face. Hmmm, I should have been eating a jam sandwich during LotR then.

And speaking of food experiments, here is Harriet enjoying her first encounter with fairy bread at Nadia and Ruby's Melbourne Cup party. Frocking up was essential, so Harry wore a gorgeous dress that you only catch a glimpse of in this shot. Call me biased but gee she looked so beautiful in it. Ruby played a great hostess, making sure all the babies knew where her toys were, offered some food around and then casually sat back, elbow on knee, to survey her social skills at work. Very cute!

Then on a cool day last week (yes, I am STILL behind and will never catch up at this rate. If Harry is well over the weekend I'll try to post more) we went for a potter down at Clovelly Beach again. Harriet just loves it down there - there's the water, a playground, sand (of which she ate about five handfuls) and of course other babies. But when we first got there it felt so isolated - you can see there was not another soul to be seen. Harry enjoyed standing in the ocean just a little too much - I ended up having to do a mad dash into the 'surf' with my tights and shoes getting completely soaked through in order to scoop her up. The tide was coming in and she was so entranced by it she didn't realise quite how deep she suddenyl was (and neither did I!). Here she's examing a stone which she then proceeded to try and eat. I just liked this photo because it looks so deserted and I just generally love photos of people with winter clothes down at the beach.

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JennieMo said...

Those pictures of Harry with no pants on makes me want to break out into my favourite song never released by Michael Hutchence called "No Pants On"...which he would sing with glee whenever he would catch people changing clothes and with no pants on...."She's got no pants on....pants on. She took her pants off...then I walked in on her with no pants on!"