Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Busy Week

Sorry about the late update - I will have to try and get this in before Scott does his Monday blog check though. ;o) Hi Scott!

We've been pretty busy with various things, so I'll start from this weekend and work backwards in the next post. Today we went out for vegan yum cha. We nearly didn't make it because Harry really needed to sleep just as we were getting to leave, but she didn't want to go down to sleep so we went out. And surprisingly she didn't break too badly, despite how overtired she was.

Here she's playing with Rachel's practise Poi balls. Apparently she's going to graduate up to fire balls, which will be COOL! I had a go at it the other night and *ahem* let's say that my coordination is best left at picking up one thing in one hand and holding baby in the other - that's pretty much the extent of it. Harriet was enthralled with them and loved touching the orange fluffy goodness.

After we went back home for a sleep, it was time to go out for a swim at the local pool. We forgot it was a big charity day and it was very busy, but Harriet didn't seem to mind, she was blowing bubbles, jumping in the water, kicking those little motor legs and having a lot of aqua fun. Afterwards we got out to get dry and she engaged in her latest favourite activity - finding her bellybutton. It's pretty cute - you say "Harriet, where's your bellybutton?" and *bang* up comes the shirt, and she starts grabbing at her belly to try and see over the top to glimpse the aforementioned bellybutton anatomical oddity. In this photo though James had just asked her - "What sound does an elephant make?" and here she's doing the baby sign for elephant (one of her faves) whilst still groping around for that bellybutton.

edit: this photo for some reason isn't loading so I'll have to post it in the next entry, apologies for that.

Yesterday was *sigh* househunting day. There are actually a few houses around that we like (and if we were prepared to buy another wooden house there would be even more but we are NOT doing that again!). This shot was captured by Jimbo when Harriet was getting entertained by me whilst awaiting the next open house. We thought that one was too small, but the next house we saw...well, let's just say that I fell totally in LOVE with it. But it's just out of our price range (by a whisper) and going to auction. So we'll see..... But do you think Harry was enjoying the upside down treatment or what?! She was also playing a very cute game of peekaboo using my hat. Amazing what children can find to have fun with. Looking for houses is a shocker though with poor Hazzamaphone, just a lot of car jumping, standing around; the walking is ok but everything else sucks. We're not going next week so she (and we) get a week off. Cool!

This is Harriet munching down on her Ikea squishy light thing. It is a little rechargeable light that glows blue and is covered in a big rubber face. Harry loves it! Have been trying to get a half decent photo of her eating it but so far to no avail. This will have to do in the meantime.

Will post more tomorrow. Goodnight!


EzmaeWatson said...

Beautiful last photo, are those cheeks getting chubbier?

Jimbo said...

Nah, she's eating so they just look chubbier!