Monday, August 14, 2006

House Hunting and Birthdays

Well , as promised, here is a photo of Harriet walking on the weekend in Newtown. As you can see, it's a lot easier to deal with and it's like having a little toddler instead of a baby. The funny thing about her walking is that she absolutely insists on you holding her left hand. The reason it's so funny is that she doesn't seem to know what to do with the other hand! Usually she will hold something aloft and shake it all about in the air as she walks (eg: a water bottle or book or something) but when she has nothing like here, she clutches her hand to her chest as though that's the only place for it.

And yes, she is seen here walking barefoot through the streets of Newtown. She has a pair of shoes but they're still a little too big for her and she can take them off too easily. On this particular day we were in and out of the car heaps and consequently she threw her socks off once and we couldn't be bothered to keep putting them back on her. She survived however.

Harriet has also started to use her open hand when patting Squeezmo, as you can see in this photo. We were very excited by this advance and so was Squeezmo we can tell you! She has also been saying 'duck' and 'Mama' and 'wow' a lot this week. Those ducks must have made quite the impression.

This photo's here because she looks like a little urban orphan. She loves to hang on to shiny poles and kiss her reflection. The self love knows no bounds with this one. Reflections on car bodies, poles, shop windows, she'll just drop anywhere and start to kiss her reflection!

On Sunday Harriet attended her first birthday party! It was for Isabella and Harriet went toally gangbusters with the walking, playing and interacting with the other children. She's wearing a dress I bought from the Baby & Kids' Market in Perth - I bought it thinking she could wear it when she's older, but I didn't realise that 'older' was now! I thought she wouldn't fit into it but when I popped it on her it only just fit around the chest! So I thought I better let her wear it while she can. The dress she has to wear on Sunday for her birthday only just fit her last week so I'm hoping for no growth spurts between now and Sunday.

To those of you who can make it to her party on Sunday - we can't wait to see you there!

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Montessori Mom said...

I love the preservation of the freedom of the right hand! She must have big plans for it some day. Such cute pictures!