Monday, September 11, 2006

Stuff and Nonsense

Here are the singlets that we bought the other week from Balmain. See how cool they are! I so wish there was stuff like this for grown-ups. Not that it's been the weather for it this week anyway. Last week I had the heater unplugged and sitting in the kitchen ready for the it's sitting plugged-in and shooting out heat in the lounge room. Brrr....what happened to that gorgeous spring we saw for a few days there?

Here's a photo of an unusually sombre Harriet taken last week when I said she had the head cold. Not even a swing ride could elicit a smile - and Doll had to endure it all the while. Poor Doll has started down the path of being dragged everywhere. And when I say everywhere I really mean it. This doll is now a permanent fixture. We used to keep it hidden on top of the filing cabinet each evening when it was time to go to bed - now she wakes up, grabs our hand and runs down to the study, pulls on your leg for you to pick her up and then she lunges for Doll. And so begins her day of dragging hell! Usually it's the little pink top she wears being clutched in the dirty toddler hand (as demonstrated in the photo here). Poor Doll's outfit is truly revolting now (both aesthetically and hygienically).

As well as seeing Aunty Georgia this week, Harriet had a visit from miss KJ aka Krazy Jane aka Kristy Jane. And boy oh boy did Harriet love her! All she had to do was look at KJ and she'd start grinning her big, toothy grin. Things got quite serious when she noticed there were pearls around her neck and I must admit that our guest proved a brave soul when she let Harriet have a play with them. She even let her tweak and fiddle with the earrings! AND her earlobes were intact afterwards. Will wonders never cease? We went for a lunchtim visit to the outdoor play equipment at Clovelly Beach and unfortunately stupid Mama Cass forgot the camera and was kicking herself all afternoon because there was gorgeous light, a cute as hell baby grinnng constantly and a beautiful ocean based setting. Hopefully I'll get another chance soon.

On the weekend Harriet missed her swimming lesson because she didn't have a swimming nappy in her bag! Uh-oh. Poor poppet had a wonderful Papa who drove around to get said nappies and although they missed the lesson, they still had some fun splashing around in the pool anyway. Afterwards we all went to Iku in Waverley for lunch. Outside it was blustery, grey and cold, but inside it was cosy and warm, soft jazz and organic vegan curry. Yum! And look who's the big girl now, sitting up on stools like an adult?!

I had to go outside to take this photo of intense concentration. Harriet had a fat fresh spring roll and it exploded all over her. Not that this was an unusual state for the meeting of Harry and consumables.


Kelli said...

Hey Cass, I'm a lurker to Harry's blog (& have been for ages as I love your work:)) I'm a regular on EB (my DD is a day older than Harry!). Anyway I couldnt stand it any longer, i HAVE to ask - WHERE did you get Harry's adorable woollen striped jacket?! I LOVE IT!! :) :)

casso said...

Wow, I have a lurker! :o) Cool! That cardigan is a favourite from good ole Pumpkin Patch, nothing special. They may still have it and on special even cos it's spring. Thanks for posting! Will go read your blog now for some mutual urking. ;o)

Kelli said...

Hi Cass! Thanks for that! Good ole pumpkin patch eh? You gotta love their stuff! Guess what - I found the jacket on their website!! And you're right - its on sale! But they dont have Lily's size. Bugger! There's always Ebay ;) Feel free to lurk around Lily's blog whenever you like :) In fact, reading Harry's blog has inspired me to update Lily's much more often!

Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

Cass I love your description of Harry's doll that she carries everywhere. You have inspired me (or I should say Harry has ;) ) to try to introduce Angel taking her 'doll' to bed. Although it doesn't help her go to sleep any easier it has stopped her SCREAMING when her feet touch the cot..she lays down laughing at it instead :D. Oh and I LOVE those singlets! very trendy!